Band Letterman Jackets and Spirit Wear

Letterman Jackets and Band Spirit Wear can be ordered now!

Due to timing constraints, there will only be one fitting date for the Letterman Jackets. The fitting will be Thursday, September 23rd  immediately following practice. We will try to have the fittings in the band room but might need to be flexible. Please wear a mask during the fitting.

Please bring your completed letterman jacket order form and / or your completed Spirit Wear order form with the full payment amount for the jackets and / or spirit wear. The checks should be made to OCHS Band Boosters.  

If you are not sure of jacket sizing, leave this field blank and we will complete the size at the fitting. Should you need to make payment arrangements or if you have questions regarding the merchandise, please contact Erika Watt with BAND INFO in the Subject Line or Text/Call 502-294-5624. 

This is an elective purchase and isn’t required. A portion of the proceeds for these sales will be donated back to the band.

Links are also below.

Click here to access the Letterman Jacket Order Form

Click here to access the Spirit Wear Order Form

Band Trip SY 2021-2022

Hello Band Families!

As we begin to work towards our band trip in the Spring, there will be times that trip related emails are sent on their own.   This is one of those messages!

Below is a link to the documents handed out during the Band Trip Meeting on Monday along with an additional sheet that has information for Parents/Families that want to book the trip without the Bus Transportation ($400 less).  Video recordings of the meeting are also included but will only be available until Aug 13th.

For those that want to book the package without Transportation, you will need to arrange your own transportation while in Orlando.  We will be staying at the Springhill Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Marriott Village.  It looks like they may have their own transportation to the Disney parks but not to Universal.

We also have created a signup genius for those who want to attend as chaperones as a way to 1) make sure we have the required number of chaperones for the trip and 2) to allow those wanting to be chaperones to coordinate room assignments with each other.  Please fill this out if you are planning to attend as a chaperone.

International Trombone Festival Youth Workshop

OCHS Trombone Players,
The International Trombone Festival Youth Workshop for trombonists ages 12-18 will take place virtually Wednesday, July 14th – Saturday, July 17th, 2021.  We have had students participate in this workshop in past years all of which had an excellent experience.  We are passing along the information if anyone is interested in attending this year’s workshop.
Registration will open Monday, March 15th on the International Trombone Festival Website for early-bird discounts and some give-aways on Facebook and Instagram.
The 2021 International Trombone Festival Youth Workshop (YW) will be an engaging, interactive, and social event held completely online this year. But don’t worry: this is not going to be staring at a Zoom session for hours and hours on end! This year’s online edition of the YW will feature lots of chances for social interaction using our new online platform Whova: chats, social “hang-out rooms,” and other ways to connect with fellow young trombonists will abound. And our all-star lineup of faculty, clinicians, and ITF Artists have designed presentations and clinics that will give you lots of chances to play trombone, grow, interact, and learn.
Among many exciting YW-exclusive events, this year’s YW has clinics from Joe Alessi (principal trombone of the NY Philharmonic and professor at Juilliard) and Jennifer Wharton (leader of the jazz trombone ensemble Bonegasm, and top-call player for Broadway in New York City). And, YW participants get twice-daily playing sessions led by our expert faculty who are each well-versed in all things trombone and all things online: Martin McCain (Texas State University professor), Nikki Abissi (New York freelancer and educator), Sean Reusch (San Diego-based educator and performer and operator of, and Nick Finzer (University of North Texas jazz professor, and operator of the Nick Finzer Virtual Studio). And all YW participants will have the option to add on a participation in a mass trombone video produced by the one and only Christopher Bill. Will your video go viral? Well, the 2019 ITF YW video has 8 MILLION VIEWS and counting!
And of course, what is a Trombone Festival without performances? In addition to the exclusive educational content above, YW participants also have access to our full lineup of world-class trombone artists, all of whom will be performing live from Columbus, Georgia. All events will be live-streamed and/or archived on our online platform, and will feature crystal clear audio and video for as real an experience as you can get while still being at home. Performers range from international soloists, salsa all-stars, jazz masters, and top-flight orchestral trombone sections.
If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any info about registration, guest artists, and other news, sign up to the mailing list by clicking here.

Important KMEA Audition Clarifications – Trumpet and Clarinet

From John Stroube, Executive Director, KMEA:

Regarding the Arban’s etude for trumpet, there are differing opinions about interpreting the turn in m. 39. Because we are far enough down the road, and different teachers are already committed to one or the other, either FGbFEF or FEFGbF will be counted as correct, and the execution will be judged for fluidity and accuracy.

Click here to see this and other corrections in red on the list.

SightReading Factory Information

Each student receives a subscription to SightReading Factory for the school year; this is used as a practice and evaluation tool whether we are in-person or virtual. It can be used on Chromebook, laptop, desktop or devices (free download app).   Click here to see the instructions for creating/activating or extending current (upperclassmen) accounts.  This has also been posted in the Google Classroom “to do” list for each class.   We will begin using this tool after we return from the fall break week; until then, students are encouraged to “play” with the program–it really is a fun and challenging practice tool that can significantly improve anyone’s ability to read and perform music at sight.  

Bradford D. Rogers

Oldham County High School Band

1150 N. Hwy. 393

LaGrange, KY 40031

(note address change)

Guidelines for the GSA 2021 Application Now Available

Interested in applying to GSA 2021, or are you a mentor/educator to a young artist? GSA has released Applicant Guides for the 2021 summer program – meaning students can start preparing their application materials today! 

Applicant Guides include the following information for each artform:

  • Overview of coursework at the summer program
  • What each applicant must prepare and submit in the application
  • The criteria used in scoring applications
  • Tips on how applicants can put their best foot forward

While the application won’t be available until November 4th, Applicant Guides enable students to start assembling their materials now. View Applicant Guides here on GSA’s website.

How to Measure for Concert Wear and Dinkles (Band Shoes)

Marching and Concert Shoes (“DINKLES”)
DON’T FORGET – All freshmen, students new to OCHS band, and any students who have outgrown their
Dinkles shoes from last year will need to bring $31 cash or check payable to "RRR Band Accessories” by Thursday (July 30th) of Band Camp. Students will need to provide their current shoe size (wide width included) or will be provided a disposable template to estimate a best “fit” as they are checking in. If a freshman is wearing a sibling's shoes from a previous year, please notify Charlie Christensen at  If your student DOES NOT USE their shoes during the year and needs a larger size next year, exchanges for a new shoe size will be accepted. Shoes that have been used or returned in any condition unlike that received will NOT be accepted for exchange. If payment for shoes is not received by Thursday of band camp week, an extra $15 fee will be automatically applied.
Marching Uniforms and concert Attire
We are asking parents to do something we’ve never asked of you before. Due to social distancing
limitations, we are unable to physically measure your student during band camp week as has historically
been done. We are asking for your help and best effort to provide us with as accurate (as possible)
measurements so that we can fit your student with a band uniform – marching and concert. We will needup-to-date measurement for ALL STUDENTS to insure they have the appropriate sizing. Directions for how to obtain these measurements are included in e-mail attachments. Measurements for women and men are DIFFERENT, so please use the proper form. Please send a scanned copy of the completed form or directly e-mail all measurements for your student to Charlie Christensen at by Friday, August 14th . Pricing for concert attire (full length gowns for women, tuxedo shirts for men) will be sent at a later date.

Click here for Women’s Uniform Measurements Form 

Click here for Men’s Uniform Measurements Form

Click here to watch a video on how to measure for uniforms

If you have any trouble with the two form links above, use the below.



Guidelines for Challenging Band Auditions / Placement

Guidelines for Challenges:

  1. All challenges must be issued on MONDAY during the school day (8:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m). Challenge forms must be signed and turned in by the end of class on Monday to be valid for that week.
  2. Challenges MUST BE ACCEPTED when issued. All challenges will be performed; there will be no “forfeit” of a challenge.
  3. You can only be involved in one challenge per week; no “double-jeopardy”
  4. All challenges will consist of: a musical excerpt not to exceed 32 measures in length (selected by the challenger) and one major scale (selected by the director). Challenges between Symphonic Band II and Symphonic Band I (first chair challenges last chair) are allowed.
  5. Suggested challenge materials: excerpts from your concert folder; excerpt of an etude from method books/lesson assignments; excerpt of solo literature you are studying. A clean copy of the excerpt MUST be presented with the challenge (unless the music is the same band part from the concert folder). You must seek the approval of the director for any excerpt not in your folder PRIOR TO ISSUING THE CHALLENGE.
  6. Challenges will be performed LIVE, IN CLASS on THURSDAY of the same week the challenge is issued. The winner will demonstrate a clear and obvious advantage on the challenge excerpt and scale performed; performances which are essentially equal in their proficiency with result in no change in seating assignment.
  7. No challenges will be allowed TWO WEEKS prior to concerts or festival performances.

View/Print Challenge Form

OCHS v. Bryan Station Football Game Plan

Home Football (HC)  OCHS v. Bryan Station      
Friday, October 16
th, 2020       

We will be in uniform again tonight: A-Day students please see the “options” below! 

The Boosters will order a meal from OCHS concessions that will be delivered after halftime (as we did at the SOHS game).  You will have to pay for the meal option (and/or Graeter’s ice cream) you choose.  PLEASE be sure to complete the Google Form by the end of the day Tuesday, October 13th, and turn in your money by the end of the A-day after school rehearsal on Wednesday.  Band members won’t be able to visit the concession area after halftime, so plan to eat the meal ordered through our booster group after performing, or eat on your own prior to your arrival by 5:30 p.m. 

If you are a “B-Day” student coming from home, you should complete the health check questionnaire and arrive at the school ALREADY DRESSED in your uniform no later than 5:30 p.m.   A temp check is required upon your arrival! 

If you are an “A-Day” student, you have a choice: GO HOME after school and arrive dressed in time for rehearsal, OR bring your uniform/bag, shoes, socks and show shirt to school with you on Friday and dress at school prior to rehearsal.  There won’t be time after rehearsal ends!


3:45 School dismissal

5:30 Arrive at school dressed in uniform; check in procedure (attendance, temp checks)

5:50 Rehearse show tunes and National Anthem

6:30 Put horns in cases; quick restroom break

6:45 Form block to move to stadium through fieldhouse gates

6:55 Move to our seats; assemble instruments.  If we have time, we’ll play 1-2 tunes

7:24 Play National Anthem/Fight Song

7:30 Kickoff

8:40est HALFTIME—set up on field per “the plan”, play show tunes and fight song.  HOMECOMING

court announcement/introductions TBD

You will be allowed to visit restroom facilities in the visitors locker room (men) or the restrooms near the concession area (women) by sections throughout the third and fourth quarter.  IF YOU MOVE, YOU MASK!!

After halftime: return to seats, restrooms, meals delivered from concessions.  We will have water available, but a concession stand visit will not be possible.  Remember to comply with social distancing, masks, etc.  Let’s try to get it all done before end of 3rd quarter so we can play! 

10:00 est Game ends; we will play one or two tunes to allow crowd to clear

10:20 Mask up, form our block (remember to properly distance and wear your mask).

return to the band room; store instruments as needed.

NO CHANGING OUT OF YOUR MARCHING UNIFORMS AFTER THE GAME.  ALL STUDENTS will wear their uniform HOME and store the uniform properly.  You will receive INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROPER

UNIFORM CARE/cleaning.  The cleaned uniform must be returned in the uniform bag prior to our final home game on October 30th.

Dress: Full uniform + mask; show shirt under bibbers.

Expect a game temperature in the 50’s!!!

Halftime: Born To Be Wild, Dirty Laundry, Peter Gunn, Sucker (flags), Fight Song

SNAP! RAISE Homework 2020

Hi Band Students and Band Families!

Below is the preliminary homework for launching the Snap! Raise virtual fundraising effort. To launch this program on time (Sept. 3rd), parents and students should view the video, then open the Snap! Raise join/login link to set up 20 (minimum) valid emails of potential donors to our program.

Tristen Hines is the project coordinator with Snap! Raise, and he started our inaugural effort three years ago; it’s great to have him back with us for this year’s project.

It is SUPER IMPORTANT that everyone in our program participate in this project; you will find it is the easiest and most lucrative way to raise funds–and without selling things that people might buy, but really don’t want. Snap! Raise allows us to “sell” the great history and reputation of the OCHS band program as the product by encouraging donors to help continue that into the future.

Everyone in our program benefits from the success of our fundraising efforts, and it is even more critical under the current circumstances that we take full advantage of these opportunities.

Thanks for your attention to this and your support of the OCHS Band program.

Bradford D. Rogers
Oldham County High School Band
1150 N. Hwy. 393
LaGrange, KY 40031

Snap! Raise Homework from Tristen Hines

Hi, Team! It is very important that you get this done. 

Click here to sign up on Snap! Raise (for those of you that are new to it) or log in (if you’ve used it before).

You will be directed to add your emails. The expectation is that every member of the band has 20 quality emails uploaded to your profile. I will be able to track this!

Make sure your emails do NOT include students, teachers, fake emails, etc. and are only legitimate potential donors. Again, I will be tracking this.

There will be incentives for those that participate fully in this campaign, so please get this done!

Click here and watch a video for steps on how to login, create an account, and pre-load your emails.

Thanks for all your hard work!

(c) 270-872-3638