You might ask yourself – why should I come to a bandbooster meeting?

  1. To find out details about upcoming performances
  2. To learn how the band fees and fundraising monies are spent
  3. To learn about volunteer opportunities for you or your student
  4. To meet other band parents
  5. And lastly, but certainly not leastly (is that a word?) to hear details from Mr. Rogers about what’s going on in band

Joining Band Booster Facebook Page (optional)
The Band Booster Facebook page is Oldham County HS Band Boosters! (exclamation point is part of name.) If you are on Facebook, “like” the Band Booster page.
Please note – All pertinent information will be sent through a weekly email and not solely through Facebook, so don’t worry if you aren’t on Facebook.

To contact a member of our Band Boosters Association, please fill out our online contact form and a member of our organization will get back to you.

How to Measure for Concert Wear and Dinkles (Band Shoes)

Marching and Concert Shoes (“DINKLES”)
DON’T FORGET – All freshmen, students new to OCHS band, and any students who have outgrown their
Dinkles shoes from last year will need to bring $31 cash or check payable to "RRR Band Accessories” by Thursday (July 30th) of Band Camp. Students will need to provide their current shoe size (wide width included) or will be provided a disposable template to estimate a best “fit” as they are checking in. If a freshman is wearing a sibling's shoes from a previous year, please notify Charlie Christensen at [email protected].  If your student DOES NOT USE their shoes during the year and needs a larger size next year, exchanges for a new shoe size will be accepted. Shoes that have been used or returned in any condition unlike that received will NOT be accepted for exchange. If payment for shoes is not received by Thursday of band camp week, an extra $15 fee will be automatically applied.
Marching Uniforms and concert Attire
We are asking parents to do something we’ve never asked of you before. Due to social distancing
limitations, we are unable to physically measure your student during band camp week as has historically
been done. We are asking for your help and best effort to provide us with as accurate (as possible)
measurements so that we can fit your student with a band uniform – marching and concert. We will needup-to-date measurement for ALL STUDENTS to insure they have the appropriate sizing. Directions for how to obtain these measurements are included in e-mail attachments. Measurements for women and men are DIFFERENT, so please use the proper form. Please send a scanned copy of the completed form or directly e-mail all measurements for your student to Charlie Christensen at [email protected] by Friday, August 14th . Pricing for concert attire (full length gowns for women, tuxedo shirts for men) will be sent at a later date.

Click here for Women’s Uniform Measurements Form 

Click here for Men’s Uniform Measurements Form

Click here to watch a video on how to measure for uniforms

If you have any trouble with the two form links above, use the below.



About the OCHS Band Program

Oldham County High School was established in 1953 with the consolidation of LaGrange and Crestwood High Schools on its current campus in Buckner, Kentucky. Oldham County’s close proximity to Louisville and its reputation for outstanding schools have made it one of the fastest growing areas in Kentucky over the past half century.

OCHS has been recognized twice as a National School of Excellence, and as a Kentucky Blue Ribbon School. Our school has always been blessed with solid administrative leadership, an outstanding faculty, and students who are genuinely interested in learning. As a result, OCHS has been consistently ranked as one of the top high schools in Kentucky, has had many student participants in the Kentucky Governors’ School programs, National Merit Scholars, and numerous academic honors.

The OCHS band has received consistent Distinguished ratings for performance in KMEA events for well over three decades. Prior to 2004, the Marching Colonels were very active in marching events including Bands of America regionals, the KMEA State Marching Band Championships (5 time finalists) and major parade performances at the Fiesta Bowl (1987), Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade (1988) and the Orange Bowl Parade (1988). The program refocused their emphasis on concert performance and support of school athletics since 2004.

Since 1992, the OCHS band has performed with distinction in concert events throughout the eastern United States and Canada, most recently in the WorldStrides Festival of Gold/Chicago in the spring of 2015, the Grand National Adjudicators Invitational in 2017 and the Dixie Classic Williamsburg Concert Festival in 2019. The Symphonic Band performed as a featured ensemble at the KMEA In-Service Conference in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018, and served as a clinic ensemble on three other occasions. Our Tuba-Euphonium ensemble and the Flute Choir performed at the Conference in 2013 and 2014. Students in the OCHS band participate in all aspects of the program (concert band, marching band, pep bands and small ensembles), and are well represented on academic teams and in academic honors organizations. Students excel individually as well, with many representing the program in All District and All State Ensembles, university-sponsored honors band clinics, and national honors bands (NAfME All National Ensembles). A considerable number of band students are also involved in at least one team sport as well, including soccer, cross country, lacrosse, wrestling, track and field, tennis, and others.

The Marching Colonels are a non-competitive ensemble made up of the total enrollment of all instrumental classes. This group performs for home football games and community events throughout the summer and fall semester, and is split into two pep bands to perform for girls and boys basketball teams during their season.

OCHS returned to a seven-period traditional schedule in 2010 after twelve years on a 4 x 4 block schedule. All music performance classes meet for 50 minutes daily, with percussionists scheduled in a separate percussion class. One after school rehearsal each week is scheduled to tie the ensembles together for performances. Instrumental courses include Jazz ensemble, Percussion Techniques, and two ability-leveled Symphonic bands.

Guidelines for Challenging Band Auditions / Placement

Guidelines for Challenges:

  1. All challenges must be issued on MONDAY during the school day (8:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m). Challenge forms must be signed and turned in by the end of class on Monday to be valid for that week.
  2. Challenges MUST BE ACCEPTED when issued. All challenges will be performed; there will be no “forfeit” of a challenge.
  3. You can only be involved in one challenge per week; no “double-jeopardy”
  4. All challenges will consist of: a musical excerpt not to exceed 32 measures in length (selected by the challenger) and one major scale (selected by the director). Challenges between Symphonic Band II and Symphonic Band I (first chair challenges last chair) are allowed.
  5. Suggested challenge materials: excerpts from your concert folder; excerpt of an etude from method books/lesson assignments; excerpt of solo literature you are studying. A clean copy of the excerpt MUST be presented with the challenge (unless the music is the same band part from the concert folder). You must seek the approval of the director for any excerpt not in your folder PRIOR TO ISSUING THE CHALLENGE.
  6. Challenges will be performed LIVE, IN CLASS on THURSDAY of the same week the challenge is issued. The winner will demonstrate a clear and obvious advantage on the challenge excerpt and scale performed; performances which are essentially equal in their proficiency with result in no change in seating assignment.
  7. No challenges will be allowed TWO WEEKS prior to concerts or festival performances.

View/Print Challenge Form

Become a Sponsor & Enjoy Great Benefits

This year, many outstanding businesses, corporations, and individuals have supported the Oldham County High School Band by donating goods and services for our marching and concert 2021-2022 season. The entire band and our many football game and concert attendees have had the benefit of their generosity, as they enjoyed each of our band’s musical performances. We are very grateful for their support! 

These business are:

  • Bully’s BBQ
  • The Fine Print Shop
  • Bluegrass Family Wellness, PLLC
  • Nu-Yale Cleaners
  • Jane Coble Royer Realtor at The Elizabeth Monarch Group
  • Boone Gardiner Landscape and Farm

The band is very excited about performing this year and having some band fun that is “normal”–especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our band only works each year because of the generous donations of money, goods and services from our individual contributors and corporate sponsors. 

In exchange, our corporate sponsors and individual contributors enjoy great benefits throughout the year, including:  
1. Business or family name of sponsor will appear on our Corporate Sponsorship Banner, which is carried across the OCHS football field at the 50-yard line when the band takes the field for the Halftime Show during each OCHS home football game. 
2. Business or family name of sponsor will be announced as a supporter of the band when the announcer introduces the band for the Halftime Show.
3. Business or family name of sponsor will appear on our Corporate Sponsorship Banner, which is carried before the band during the Oldham County Day Parade for Summer 2022.
4. Business logo or family name/crest will appear in every concert program for every performance of the OCHS Concert Band.
5. Business or family name of sponsor will be announced as a supporter of the band during each concert performance at Oldham County High School. 
6.  Free advertising all year long on the website, where a link to your website and/or social media pages will be included. Visit our home page and scroll down to view our sponsors. 

Corporate Sponsorships are $500 annually and the fee may be waived in exchange for services and goods that help to make the band successful each year. Examples of these goods and services include donated catering services, printing services, uniform cleaning services, web hosting services, and sign and banner production services.

If you are interested in sponsoring the band for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact us. Or if you’d rather speak in person, I’m happy to stop by and talk through how your business can support our band this year.

Thank you again to last year’s corporate sponsors for their generous support, and I hope you’ll decide to sponsor the OCHS band–or recommend a business to sponsor us–this year!
Katie Fuller
OCHS Band Boosters
Corporate Sponsorship, Chairperson