Weekly Band News September 20 – September 26

  • Practices resume this week.  Brass Monday 6:00-7:30 and Woodwind/Percussion on Thursday 6:00-7:30pm.
  • Next Football Game is October 2nd.  We anticipate that the Band location will be the same as last week and that tickets for parents will be the same.  We will not know this for sure until closer to the game date.  “If similar to last week, tickets are not reserved for each student but will be priority purchase for band parents prior to release to the public.  Please purchase tickets if you want to go to the game ASAP after you see the email saying that our purchase window is open.” We will release the information as soon as possible once we receive it.
  • Snap! Raise Homework needs to be done ASAP so we can kick off our fundraiser.  If you have already completed it, THANK YOU!!!  Please see below for an update.
  • Health Check Form must be completed prior to arriving at rehearsal each day. Form and QR Code have also been posted to Google Classroom.
  • The next Band Booster Meeting will be Monday, September 21st at 7:00pm via zoom.  The zoom link, Meeting ID and Password are listed below.  We hope you will attend!

Snap! Raise Update From Mr. Rogers

As of 8:43 Monday morning, a total of 80 students have visited the Snap! Raise website and begun the process of creating their accounts.  Of those 80 students, only 39 have completed their 20-email minimum; 31 have not.  If you are among the 42 students enrolled in our band program who have not begun this process, please take the time today to visit the link (below)) and join the project!  If you have two students in your family in band (brother/sister, twins, etc.) create ONE account with BOTH of your names; add as many emails as you can (20+), and upload photos/select prizes.  Snap! Raise has agreed to extend the start date for our project until Sept. 21 (next Monday).  We will be much more successful if you all participate (85% or more to gain the best result)  This is easy…but you still must do the set-up for it to work for you.  Get it done, please.

Sign up by clicking here. 

You will be directed to add your emails. The expectation is that every member of the band has 20 QUALITY EMAILS uploaded to your profile. I will be able to track this!  Make sure your emails do NOT include students, teachers, fake emails, etc. and are only legitimate potential donors. Again, I will be tracking this. There will be incentives for those that participate fully in this campaign, so please get this done!  WE WILL NOT KICK OFF THE PROJECT until you have completed this important preliminary work!! 

Click here and WATCH THIS VIDEO for steps on how to login, or create an account, and pre-load your emails. Thanks for all your hard work toward another successful Snap! Raise project this year!  Snap! Raise information is also posted at the OHCS Band Website. Click here to get started with your Snap! Raise homework!

Marching Uniforms

After a successful Friday night football game, we are going to attempt to fit the entire band in full uniform before the next game. 

UPPERCLASSMEN – Please pick up last year’s uniform at practice this week, try it on and return it next practice / school day to make any necessary exchanges.

FRESHMEN – We will begin fitting the freshmen at practice this week (Monday, Thursday) and teach them how to wear them. Anyone who can stay a short time after practice this week for fitting is helpful. 

Female students without DINKLES – please plan to wear an alternate shoe – dark tennis shoe or inexpensive black lace up shoe. We also have a limited number of used Dinkles that we can loan out as well. 


Concert Attire

FRESHMAN PARENTS – Please remember to send in your money for concert dresses and tuxedo shirts. Dresses are $55.00 and shirts are $17.00, checks made out to “OC band boosters.  Thank you to those parents who have already paid.  Due SEPTEMBER 28.

Band Rehearsals

We will return to our "summer" rehearsal format for next week only, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

  • Monday-All Brass
  • Thursday-Woodwinds and Percussion

The focus next week will be on concert literature and audition excerpts. 

Once we begin A/B in-person classes on Sept. 28, all after school rehearsals will occur immediately after school from 4:00-5:15 p.m.  All students will be required to attend one rehearsal per week, and the rehearsal day will be the same as one of the days they attend school regularly (all A-Day students regardless of class on Monday or Wednesday; all B-Day students on Tuesday or Thursday), with no rehearsals on the planned "rotating" Fridays, other than before home football performances.  Mr. Rogers is still working out the logistics on this and will announce the days each group will meet by Monday 9/21…so stay tuned closely!  Attendance is expected at band rehearsals.  If you’re unable to attend for any reason, please notify Mr. Rogers at [email protected].

As a friendly reminder: ALL students and staff must complete the online health screening form, including a self-check of your temperature, prior to arrival on campus for ANY REHEARSAL OR PERFORMANCE EVENT.  

Once you arrive, you are required to have your temperature verified before you enter the building.   

ALL students must complete the attendance check in to verify your arrival and attendance–this is in ADDITION to the health check survey and is used to confirm your attendance at required rehearsals and performances.

Band Calendar 

We will continue our evening rehearsal schedule in the same groupings we used for past gatherings, rehearsals will run from 6:00-7:30 pm through NTI.

  1. All Brass will rehearse on Monday evenings from 6:00-7:30
  2. All Woodwinds/Percussion will rehearse on Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30

We will continue this rehearsal schedule until we are allowed to return to the building for A/B in-person instruction. At that time, we will adjust to conform with the groups of students in the building and by class period. The after school rehearsal schedule is still subject to revision as we learn about our situation going forward from 9/28 (A/B in person schedule), as are any in-person concert performances in November and December.  We will update as more information is given.  Attendance is expected at band rehearsals.  If you’re unable to attend for any reason, please notify Mr. Rogers at [email protected].   

September 18 vs. SOHS (Senior Night)
October 2 vs. Fern Creek (Homecoming)
October 16 vs. Bryan Station
October  30 vs. Collins

Fall Break October 19 – 23

Corporate Sponsorships

Last year, many outstanding businesses and corporations supported the Oldham County High School Band by donating goods and services for our marching and concert 2019-2020 seasons. The entire band and our many football game and concert attendees had the benefit of their generous support as they enjoyed each of our band’s musical performances. We were–and are–very grateful for their support!   

Corporate Sponsorships are $500 annually and the fee may be waived in exchange for services and goods that help to make the band successful each year. Examples of these goods and services include donated catering services, printing services, uniform cleaning services, web hosting services, and sign and banner production services. If you are interested in sponsoring the OCHS band for the 2020-2021 school year, please contact us. Or if you’d rather speak in person, Katie Fuller is happy to stop by and talk through how your business can support our band this year.  Complete the contact us form and she will setup a time to meet with you.

Please click here for additional information.

Fundraising Made Easy

Kroger Plus Community Rewards
OCHS Band participates in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Please register your Kroger Plus card online (same frequent shopper card you use to get Kroger’s discount prices) and link it to the Oldham County High School Band. Our band program earns 4% of what you spend at Kroger. You don’t have to do anything else except shop at Kroger. You DO NOT lose your own rewards points or fuel rewards.
 If you have a KROGER PLUS card that’s already registered at www.kroger.com:

  1. Go to www.kroger.com/communityrewards. Sign in to your account with your email and password.
  2. Click on "Enroll."
  3. Enter our school’s ID Number QJ874 or search for "Oldham County High School Band."
  4. Select "Oldham County High School Band" and hit "Enroll".

If you have a KROGER PLUS card, but have never registered it online at www.kroger.com:

  1. Go to www.kroger.com and click "Register" in top right-hand corner.
  2. From "Create an Account" page, enter the requested information. Then click "Create Account".
  3. Link your Kroger Plus card to your new account. This number is found on the back of your Kroger Plus card.
  4. Click on the Community Rewards link.
  5. Click on "Enroll".
  6. Enter our school’s QJ874 or search for "Oldham County High School Band"
  7. Select "Oldham County High School Band" and hit "Enroll".


  1. Go to smile.amazon.com
  2. Under Select a Charity type: Oldham County High School Band Boosters Inc
  3. Click “Select”
  4. Click the check box next to the statement “Yes, I understand that I must always start  at smile.amazon.com to support Oldham County High School Band Boosters Inc.”
  5. Click “Start Shopping”
  6. You will see “Supporting: Oldham County High School Band Boosters Inc” below the search bar in Amazon each time you log in.
  7. Set smile.amazon.com as your favorite

    If you forget to log onto smile.amazon.com and instead, put everything into your cart at amazon.com – as long as you have not completed the purchase:

  8. Simply open another browser, go to smile.amazon.com and everything in your cart is there, and you can complete your purchase.
  9. Important Note – Using the Amazon app on your handheld device DOES NOT use Smile. Simply add the items to your cart in the amazon app, then using your handheld browser, log into smile.amazon.com to complete the purchase.

Band Directory

An OCHS Band Directory will be compiled and published among the band members this fall.  Participation in the directory is completely voluntary.  If you wish to be included in the directory, click here to complete the online form.

Band Booster Leadership

Board Members for 2020-2021
President – Chad Adams
Vice President – Brandon Gossett
Secretary – Sandy Walker
Treasurer – Lisa Zahradnicek
Senior Member-at-Large: OPEN
Junior Member-at-Large: Katie Fuller
Sophomore Member-at-Large: Stephanie Skeens
Freshman Members-at-Large: Natalie Dorris and Kristin Goodloe