Weekly Band News: November 24 – December 1

Congratulations to all OCHS band members who performed an audition Thursday night, and especially to those successful in the effort.

All District Band takes place January 10-11, 2020 at Martha Layne HS in Shelbyville.  More to follow concerning folder fees and music distribution; because this happens so quickly after the holidays and we have so many members in the two bands, it is very important that each of you spend some time working through your parts BEFORE the first rehearsal on January 10th!

Those recommended for the All State Band auditions will travel to John Hardin HS on December 14th to perform their excerpts, scales and sight reading again!

Instrument ch First Last REC for AS?
Bari Sax 1 Hayden Rogers FALSE
Bass Clarinet 1 Khaled Alasad TRUE
Bass Trombone 1 William Middleton TRUE
Clarinet 1 Natalie DeSimone TRUE
Clarinet 2 Anah Campbell TRUE
Clarinet 3 Ashtyn Jones TRUE
Clarinet 4 Joseph Dennis TRUE
Clarinet 11 Megan Baker TRUE
Clarinet 13 Gracie Burrows TRUE
Flute 2 Hannah Hardendorf TRUE
Flute 4 Abby Hardin TRUE
French Horn 2 Gage Birchmeier TRUE
French Horn 3 Christopher Woosley TRUE
French Horn 4 Tamm Omar TRUE
Mallets 3 Maya Otterback TRUE
Tenor Sax 1 Chloe Otterback TRUE
Tenor Sax 2 Will Mettling TRUE
Trombone 5 Benjamin Hartlage TRUE
Trombone 6 Aaron Cook TRUE
Trumpet 1 Madison Leger TRUE
Trumpet 2 Brayden Gossett TRUE
Trumpet 3 Jeremy Richards TRUE
Trumpet 7 Jack Martin TRUE
Tuba 1 Ben Bunting TRUE
Tuba 3 Christopher Wilson FALSE
Tuba 4 Keaton Fuller FALSE
Alto Sax 2 Irene Reed TRUE
Alto Sax 3 Kyle Wilson TRUE
Bass Clarinet 2 Olivia Head FALSE
Bassoon 1 Cassie Barrett FALSE
Clarinet 4 Jena Ainsworth FALSE
Clarinet 14 Tifany Hernandez FALSE
Euphonium 3 Connor Adams FALSE
Flute 1 Mia Rivera TRUE
Flute 8 Sarah Hopp TRUE
Flute 12 Isabel Jungfermann FALSE
French Horn 5 Hanna Christensen FALSE
French Horn 7 Cecilia Reed FALSE
Trombone 3 Keaton Fuller TRUE
Trombone 4 Jackson Turner TRUE
Trombone 6 Elise Mittlestat TRUE
Trombone 7 Logan Sweasy TRUE
Trumpet 2 Trey Evans TRUE
Trumpet 3 Venessa Miller TRUE
Trumpet 6 Evan Baker TRUE
Trumpet 8 Madison Ortman TRUE
Trumpet 9 Clayton Prather TRUE
Trumpet 11 Susannah Sowell TRUE

UK Honor Band
For students interested in attending the UK Honor Band Clinic, I will put a survey doc on Google Classroom for students to indicate their interest in being nominated (9th/10th graders) or submitting an audition video (11th and 12th grade).  Note the deadline for submission of Dec. 8th.  Below is the information we have received at this time, as I receive more information from UK, I’ll pass it along.
The University of Kentucky Band program will be hosting our annual Honors Band Festival on January 31st through February 2nd of 2020. This week we will have opened registration for both students to submit their Wind Symphony video auditions and High School directors to submit their Freshman/Sophomore Concert Band recommendations. 


Please encourage 9th-12th grade students to participate in this event that includes clinics and masterclasses with world-renown composer Omar Thomas, Auburn’s Director of Bands Dr. Rick Good, Dobyns-Bennett director Lafe Cook, as well as other University of Kentucky faculty! As well as these skill-building opportunities, these students will also be able to view a University of Kentucky Wind Symphony performance and join them the next day in a combined piece during the Honors Concert.

The University of Kentucky Honors Band Festival continues to grow and improve each year and we owe it all to the talented students joining us from all over Kentucky and beyond, as well as people like you who support their aspirations. Let us know how we can help answer any questions, either by sending them to [email protected] or calling our band office at (859) 257-2263. 
All State Jazz Band
Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 7th at St. Xavier High School.  A separate audition process is involved for these highly selective bands.  All Jazz Ensemble students have received a copy of the audition excerpts, requirements and other information.  We have been working on the excerpts as a group in class; hopefully we can have some of our students give this a shot!
Uniform Coordinator
We will be in need of a uniform coordinator for the 2020-21 school year.  If you would be interested in this position and would like to shadow our current coordinator to see what this position involves for next school year, please contact Melenie Woosley at [email protected].
KMEA Solo and Ensemble Assessment
All students are required to perform ONE event at Solo and Ensemble Assessment.  That could be a solo performance, or the member of a duet, trio, quartet, or other chamber ensemble.  Forms to enter the event have been provided to the students.  Fees are $7.00 for a solo, $12.00 for an ensemble of 2-16 members.  Forms are due no later than December 17th.

National High School Honor Band
The John Philip Sousa Foundation offers a National High School Honor Band clinic every two years; the next opportunity is June 24-27, 2020.  
The event will be held in Massachusetts, with rehearsals at The Bromfield School in Harvard, MA and the concert at historic Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.  The band will be conducted by Michael J. Colburn (currently director fo the Wind Ensemble at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, and former conductor of the United States Marine Band in Washington, DC).
Auditions for the Honors Band are due no later than January 1, 2020; early is better.  Audition materials and information can be found at www.sousafoundation.net (look in the menu on the left for National HS Honors Band).
We certainly have players in our group that would be capable of performing in this ensemble!  All are encouraged to check it out! 
Important Dates to Remember
November 27-29                     Thanksgiving Break
December 7                             All State Jazz auditions (St. Xavier HS, Louisville)              
December 14                           All State auditions (John Hardin HS)
December 17                          Jazz Band at Rotary Club (Lunch Meeting)
December 17                           Holiday Concert
January 10-11                          All District Bands (Martha Layne Collins HS)
January 23-25                          WKU Honors Band
January 24-25                          U of L Honors Band
January 31-February 2           UK Honor Band 
February 5-8                            KMEA All State Bands/ KMEA Conference
February 22                             CCM Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival (Jazz Band)
March 7                                    KMEA Solo and Ensemble Assessment (NOHS)
March 12                                  Band Concert
March 14                                  PBM Invitational Concert Festival (Male HS Louisville)
March 18-20                             KMEA Large Ensemble Assessment (NOHS DAY TBD)
The updated full band schedule can be found on the band website at https://ochs.band.

Past Emails and other important information can be found on the OCHS Band Website at https://ochs.band.  Questions or corrections to this newsletter can be sent to Sonya Cook at [email protected].