Weekly Band News: July 29 – August 2

Here are some reminders and guidelines for the week:
If you have not been here at all this summer, please make sure you bring your band forms (signed) with you on the first day of camp.  The Medical Form must be notarized as well.
Please be on time for the beginning of rehearsals, both at the beginning of the day and after each break in the schedule.  To be “on time” means you should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of a rehearsal block.  Being late holds up over 140 other people, and the time is too limited to waste any of it!
You are expected to represent our band properly in EVERY way; respectful to each other, respectful and cooperative with staff members, and on your best behavior during breaks.  You should NEVER be found in an unauthorized area of the building or campus at any time; this means you should confine yourselves to the areas of the building/campus we are using for rehearsals, and NOT roaming the building.
No horseplay or hazing of students will be tolerated.  We’re all in this together; your expectation should be that we all get through the week healthy and happy to be a part of this program.
You should have your music organized (flipfolder) and with you at each rehearsal you will be playing in (sectionals, full band, or outside marching rehearsals).  It is VERY important to have a PENCIL with you to make notes, corrections, etc. on your personal copy of the music being worked on.
Outside rehearsals could be a bit warm; we take periodic water breaks at each one of these sessions.  You will find a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and tops/shirts that cover the shoulders will make a huge difference in how well you get through the week. Proper footwear (sneakers and socks) is a MUST.  Another item you may want to have is a “cooling towel”; these are dampened and worn around the neck and can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, and sporting goods stores.
Lunch and dinner breaks are “on your own”; some of you may need to stay here for lunch and/or dinner, bringing food from home or having something brought to you.  It is certainly ok to walk to Subway or Steve-O’s for these meals, as you don’t have to cross traffic to get there.  Other places nearby require very careful attention (Bully’s, Save-a-Step) but are ok as well.  I’d suggest going in groups of 2-3 to these places.
Carpooling students MUST provide a note from their parent AND from the parent of the driver transporting you agreeing to the arrangement.  If your section plans a lunch meal together during the week and you need to go away from the area around OCHS to do it, this will be most certainly necessary for many of you.  This can be good for the week if that’s how you word the notes, or you can do it daily.  This is for everyone’s protection.
Daily Schedule
7:45     Band room open
8:30     Marching rehearsal
10:00   Break
10:30  Sectional rehearsals 
Noon   Lunch
1:30     Sectional rehearsals 
2:45     Break
3:15     Full band 
4:30     Dinner 
6:30     Marching rehearsal
8:30     Announcements
8:45     students released

Also, if you haven’t yet turned in the 5 forms required for Band Participation, please click on the following documents:
1) Med Release Form (must be notarized by your bank or some other notary) 
2) Drug Testing Form
3) Read the Syllabus, print & sign the last page
4) Read Social Media Guidelines, print & sign the last page
5) Student Information Form

I’m looking forward to a GREAT week of camp, and another wonderful year of music-making!

If your student must miss any part of band camp due to illness, family emergency, or any other reason, please notify Mr. Rogers at [email protected].
Instructor Meals

We provide lunch and dinner for our Band Camp Instructors (15 people for lunch, 10 people for dinner.) Our Hospitality Committee has developed a menu with sign up opportunities. There are still a few slots open to assist with lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday for our instructors. Please click this link to see what is needed, www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-instructor 
Many volunteers are still needed for relatively short time periods during band camp. Please click this link to see what is needed, www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-band2 
 If you are able to volunteer in any of the remaining spots, it would be greatly appreciated.

OCHS Band Picnic
Date:    Friday, August 2nd
Place:  Wendell Moore Park
Time:   After band camp ends (about 4 pm) until 9:30 pm.  
Private pool party from 7:30 pm – 9 :30 pm at the John Black Aquatic Center for band students and parents/siblings.
Food will be served from 5 pm – 7 pm at the Pavilion at Wendell Moore Park. 
Our main course will be pulled pork and pulled chicken BBQ donated by Bully’s BBQ.
Please RSVP at this link www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-rsvp 
If you are unable to come to the picnic on Friday, please RSVP NO for your family.  Also, Let us know in the Public comment section of the RSVP screen if your number of people for the swim party is different from your number of people for the picnic.  (We need to know a swimming count we have enough lifeguards.)

ALL families, bring LAWN CHAIRS.
FRESHMAN families provide a SIDE DISH.
SOPHOMORE families provide a DESSERT.
JUNIOR families provide HAMBURGER BUNS.
SENIOR families just enjoy this event. You bring nothing but your lawn chair.
We look forward to seeing you there!

All freshmen, any other new band students, and students who have outgrown their Dinkle shoes from last year need to bring $30 cash or check payable to RRR Band Accessories on Thursday of Band Camp. A $15 shipping fee will be added to any orders taken after Thursday, August 1st. If a freshman is wearing a sibling’s shoes from a previous year, please notify Melanie Woosley at [email protected]. Shoes will be fitted at 11:00 on Thursday during Band Camp. If shoes aren’t paid by Thursday am of band camp week-  the extra $15 fee will be  applied. 

How we communicate announcement/event information –
We communicate band news through various channels

1) Each Sunday evening, an email is sent with details of the week’s band activities, as well as a preview of upcoming events. This is our main source of communication.
If it’s a busy week or there’s new info since Sunday, a Wednesday email may be sent out too. Please read these so you and your student will have the needed info about when, where, what to wear, what to bring, etc.
2) Mr. Rogers sends abbreviated reminders for the week via the Remind 101 App on Sun afternoon, as well as on an “as needed” basis when plans change. (i.e. change of plans due to heavy rain)
    To join his Remind 101 Student group: text @ocmc2019 to 81010. You can read his reminders in text format or in the Remind 101 App.
     Parents – one parent from each family, please join Mr. Rogers Remind 101 Parent group by texting @ocbandb19 to 81010.
3) The Band Boosters group maintains a private Facebook group called Oldham County HS Band Boosters! (the exclamation point is part of the name.) You can request to join through Facebook and we’ll add you. This is a good place to get quick answers to your questions because many people will see your question fairly quickly.
4) To communicate back with information or questions:
     a) If you are communicating your student is sick/on vacation and will miss a rehearsal, please email Mr. Brad Rogers directly at [email protected]
     b) For Band Boosters questions and business, use email address [email protected]

For questions or corrections to this newsletter, please email Sonya Cook at [email protected].