Weekly Band News January 31 – February 6

  • Students accepted to the WKU Honor Clinic:  The rescheduled clinic dates are March 12th-13th.  Detailed Information has been sent via email from WKU.  If you did not receive the notification, please email Gary Schallert at [email protected]
  • All-County Payment of $20 is due by February 5th.  Please place checks in an envelope (include your students name, and All-County payment) in the band room dropbox.  Please make checks out to "OCHS Band Boosters."
  • Health Check Form must be completed prior to arriving at rehearsals. Health Check Link: https://forms.gle/oXV2k7PCGYNMWLrXA
  • Link to Instrumental Music Google Site: https://sites.google.com/oldham.kyschools.us/ochs-instrumental-music-2020-2/home
  • If you still need to pay for Concert Attire, PLEASE drop checks in the lock box outside Mr. Rogers office in the band room – Concert dresses $55, Tux shirts $17 made out to “OCHS BAND BOOSTERS”. Any questions, please e-mail [email protected]
  • We still have several uniforms that have NOT yet been returned. Please return your laundered and neatly hanging uniform on an empty rack outside the uniform closet in the band room.  Please return any borrowed Dinkles clean in the marching uniform bag.  Questions, please e-mail [email protected]
  • The next band booster meeting will be Monday, February 15th at 7:00pm via Zoom.  



The 8th Grade Parent Meeting for next school year will be Monday, February 1 at 7:00pm in the OCHS Auditorium.  The meeting will last about an hour.  If any parents or students would like to come speak about their experiences with the OCHS Band, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email [email protected] if you would like to share your experience.


As you know, each spring our Photo Coordinator creates the End-of-Year Band Video for our graduating seniors and the rest of the band members. This year has been especially challenging with getting pictures of our band members. With few public appearances to pull from, it’s important that we capture as many photos and videos as we can of our band members. We are asking you for help in doing this.
Please do the following by no later than April 30, 2021:
1. Find any band pictures or videos taken this year already, preferably in a .jpg (photo) and .mp4 (video) format.
2. Take pictures of your band student practicing at home or putting on a family performance.
3. Create a folder on your desktop and save all of your photos and videos in the folder. 
4. Rename the folder in the following format using your band student’s name: 
last name_first name (Example: Fuller_Katie)
5. To upload your folder to the right location, do the following:

  • Click on this link: Photo Upload
  • Drag and drop the folder you created into the Google folder that opens up and says, "Drop files here"

If you have any questions, please send one email to the following two email addresses:

[email protected]; [email protected] 



Please consider shadowing (through the remainder of this year) and volunteering for one of the following Band Boosters needs next school year.  A large part of the reason our band is so successful is because of the tremendous support of our band booster organization! If you would like to consider one of the roles please email [email protected].

  • Weekly Email Communication – Coordinate with the Band Director and Board President information to be sent in weekly/bi-weekly emails.  Experience with Mailchimp is helpful but not necessary.
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator – Coordinate and carryout sales for fall spiritwear orders and letterman jackets.
  • Alumni Coordinator – Assist in keeping alumni informed of special band events and other information that may be of interest.
  • Scrip Gift Card Coordinator – Organize and facilitate Scrip Card Sales
  • Photo Coordinator: 
    • Coordinating volunteer photographers to help take photos at games and concerts and compiling on Facebook.
    • Compile/organize at least two photos per band member either individually or in a group.
    • Take senior photos at the beginning of band season for buttons given to parents on Senior Night.  Buttons can be made at Oldham County Arts Center.
    • Organize the end of year slide show to be shown at the banquet with music from the band throughout the year. Other volunteers/parents can assist with music they have recorded.
  • Web/Web Support Elect:
    • Our current web coordinator and web support coordinator’s son will be graduating next year and we are in need of a volunteer to shadow with our current volunteer in this role.
    • This position is important for several key reasons:
      1. provides a repository of documented history of the band program;
      2. provides a public site to allow external parties to express interest in our program and to offer support if able (in the last year, we’ve raised over $1,000 in sponsorships because of our public presence on the web!); and
      3. provides an easy go-to place for band booster members and band members to get information on band happenings.
    • This role does require some training–training that can then be used on your resume to beef-up your technical skills! If you are interested in training with our current web and web support coordinator next year, please contact [email protected].





  • Don’t forget to bring your HORN, INSTRUMENT COVER, MUSIC STAND and FOLDER.  Jazz make sure you have your Jazz Folder.
  • Auditorium Seating Chart is posted to Google Classroom.  Woodwinds should enter and leave through the doors on stage left side of the area just in front of the stage; Brass/Percussion should enter from the doors in the back of the auditorium (gym lobby).
  • Masks are mandatory and "social distancing" will be enforced. 
  • Check in at the table in the band room for temperature and attendance.  HEALTH SCREENING SHOULD BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. Health Check Link: https://forms.gle/oXV2k7PCGYNMWLrXA
  • If you are quarantined, or have someone in your home dealing with COVID, please advise Mr. Rogers by email and DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL.

We will meet with Symphonic Band II (5th period class) on Tuesday evening,  from 6:00-7:30 p.m. 

We will meet with Symphonic Band I (6th period class) on Wednesday evening,  from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Jazz Band will meet after rehearsal 7:45-8:30.

9th grade percussionists should attend on Tuesday; all upperclassmen Percussionists should attend on Wednesday.  Tuba and Euphonium players will receive special instructions from Mr. Schmidt to enable you to work on both your KMEA conference music and rehearse with the bands.

We will keep this schedule for the foreseeable future; until we are back in person every day (not A/B), that is the only way to facilitate transportation for everyone.

Parents and spectators will not be allowed to attend the rehearsals due to the restrictions.
If parents or their student are uncomfortable with this arrangement, they should let me know they will not attend. Please email with concerns [email protected]



Board Members for 2020-2021
President – Chad Adams
Vice President – Brandon Gossett
Secretary – Sandy Walker
Treasurer – Lisa Zahradnicek
Senior Member-at-Large: Sonya Cook
Junior Member-at-Large: Katie Fuller
Sophomore Member-at-Large: Stephanie Skeens
Freshman Members-at-Large: Natalie Dorris and Kristin Goodloe