Weekly Band News: Jan 9 – Jan 15


  • It’s Pep Band time! Here’s the information you will need:
    • NEXT Pep Band Game is: Friday, Jan 21 for BLUE and WHITE BANDS (this is a double header verses NOHS
    • All students have been assigned to one of two pep bands (using school colors) the bands are BLUE BAND and WHITE BAND: Rosters are here
    • HERE IS THE PEP BAND SCHEDULE for the regular season
    • Students are responsible for 4 games as part of their class grade. 
      • Conflicts can be solved by swapping with a “same” instrument in the other band for one game
  • 2022-2023 Officers and Coordinators
    • As we turn the page to 2022, the OCHS Band Boosters is looking for parents to volunteer for next year in Officer and Committee Coordinator positions.  Many of the parents that currently hold these positions are Senior parents and we want to make sure there is enough time for transition to happen.  
    • Per our bylaws, Officer nominations are required by the March Band Booster Meeting and the election will be held during the April meeting.  
    • Descriptions for all the Officer positions and the Committee Coordinator positions held by Senior parents is at the end of this email.  
    • Please email at [email protected] if you are interested in running for an officer position, filling a Committee Coordinator role, or want more information.  
      • Note:  Two positions that could use shadowing right away are Band Web Support and Mums/Spring Flowers Coordinator. 
  • 2022 Orlando Band Trip: 
    • The last payment has been extended to Friday, January 21st.  This final payment will be less than the other payments.  
    • We are still determining the final amount and are going to push out the deadline to Friday, January 21st.  We hope to have the final amount determined by the Wednesday email.
    • NOTE:  Please do not submit payment until the final payment has been calculated.  (The updated tentative date for setting the final amount is January 21, 2022.)

***If you want trip insurance, you need to set this up BEFORE the final payment.***

See the trip section below for additional trip details!

  • The online band spirit wear store is open!  Use this link to order additional band shirts, hats etc.  
  • We are compiling a band directory.  Please opt in to include your student and family information here in order to help everyone be in touch as needed!  Complete the google form using this link.


Concert Band practices will be from 4 pm – 5:15 pm on Wednesdays for Symph Band 1 and Thursday for Symph Band 2.



  • It’s not too late to order gift cards through Scrip to earn money for the band!  Here is some information:  Website: ShopwithScrip.com
  • Our Enrollment Code: D7944F4229834
  • Amazon Smile:  In your Amazon account, set your charity as as the “Oldham County High School Band Boosters”
  • Kroger Community Rewards:  Oldham County High School Band or code QJ874 


REMIND Text for OCHS Band 

Remind Texts will be used to notify parents of the OCHS Band of any special announcements or reminders 

This is an optional communication that you can choose to join to be notified of special announcements and reminders 



Here is a link to information handed out at the first Florida 2022 Band Trip Meeting. 

  • We will have a FLORIDA TRIP MEETING on Monday, March 14 at 6:30pm in the band room. A representative from Taylor Tours will be with us to go over details for the trip. This trip is required for all students attending the trip.
  • The last payment has been extended to Friday, January 21st.  This final payment will be less than the other payments.  
  • We are still determining the final amount and are going to push out the deadline to Friday, January 21st.  We hope to have the final amount determined by the Wednesday email.
  • NOTE:  Please do not submit payment until the final payment has been calculated.  (The updated tentative date for setting the final amount is January 21, 2022.)

***If you want trip insurance, you need to set this up BEFORE the final payment.***

Band Trip Info from Taylor Tours:  Here is a link that will allow you to purchase the Group Travel Protection Plan for your trip. Rates are based on overall trip cost and not age. You will need to enter your full trip cost for accurate coverage. You will need to make your purchase prior to final trip payment in order to qualify for the pre-existing medical condition waiver. Please view the group marketing for rates and schedule of coverages then click the link to purchase. You can purchase one plan at a time. For questions on the plan, coverage or procedures, please contact the Group Desk at Travel Insured 844‑440‑8113.


Are you or your student musician interested in joining the Oldham County Community Band?  

Students who rehearse and perform with this ensemble can claim Beta or NHS community service hours…as a bonus, they’ll have a horn on their face for at least two additional hours a week, reading and performing music they won’t see in their school ensemble rehearsals!  What a deal…

The OCCB has plenty of room for students on any woodwind, brass or percussion instrument, but those who play double reeds, clarinet, horn, flute or percussion would be huge in balancing the group and opening up even more repertoire possibilities.

 Any kid you consider an “advanced” middle schooler (grade 2-3 capable; good readers) will be able to hang on; most high schoolers fit in right away.  There is no audition or membership fee involved for students. 

The group generally performs grade 3-4 concert literature, marches, popular music medleys and show tunes.  The plan for post-COVID includes performances in late October/early November, Christmas, mid-winter (February/early March) and spring.  Check out the informational flier here!


We communicate band news through various channels and additional channels (Google Classroom, Remind) will be added as the school year begins.  Please feel free to pass this information to other new parents who may not be receiving communication yet.

  • Emails: Each Sunday evening, an email is sent with details of the week’s band activities, as well as a preview of upcoming events.  This is our main source of communication.  If it’s a busy week, or there is new information since Sunday, a Wednesday email will be sent out as well.  You may request to be placed on the email list by emailing your students Name, Grade and Instrument to [email protected].  
  • Facebook: The Band Boosters group maintains a private Facebook group called Oldham County HS Band Boosters!  You can request to join through Facebook and we’ll add you.  This is a good place to get quick answers to your questions, as many people will see your post fairly quickly. 
  • Contact Information:  For Band Booster questions and business, please use the band booster email [email protected].

SAVE THE DATES – Important Dates – 2021 & 2022 School Year

  • Concert Band Rehearsals:
    • Band 1 is on Wednesdays from 4pm – 5:15pm.
    • Band 2 is on Thursday from 4 pm – 5:15 pm.
  • Mon., Jan. 17: Band Boosters Meeting
  • Thur., Jan. 27: KMEA Conference Preview Performance (Symphonic Band 1) at North Oldham High School
  • Wed.-Sat., Feb. 2-5: KMEA All-State Ensembles and State Conference
  • Fri., Feb. 4: KMEA Conference Performance at KICC (Louisville) (Symphonic Band 1)
  • Feb 25-26: All-District Jazz & Percussion
  • Sat. March 5: KMEA Solo and Ensemble Assessment at NOHS
  • Tues., March 8: KMEA Assessment Preview Concert at OCHS
  • Mon., March 14 – Florida Trip Meeting 6:30pm
  • Wed.-Fri., March 16-18: KMEA Large Ensemble Assessment (exact date/time will be set by KMEA)
  • April 2-8: OCHS Florida Band Trip (optional)
  • Week of April 18: Recital Night (Date TBD)
  • Week of April 25: Chamber Ensemble Concert (Date TBD)
  • Week of May 16: GALA Concert (Date TBD)


Board Members for 2021-2022

  • President – Chad Adams
  • Vice President – Brandon Gossett
  • Secretary – Melissa Gossett
  • Treasurer – Lisa Zahradnicek
  • Treasurer-Elect – Angela Schmidt
  • Senior Member-at-Large: Katie Fuller
  • Junior Member-at-Large: Stephanie Skeens
  • Sophomore Member-at-Large: Natalie Dorris
  • Freshman Members-at-Large: Mary Tatum

Access the Band Booster Board and Committee Leaders Contact List for additional names and contact emails using this Band Booster Board and Committee Leaders Contact List link.

Past Emails and other important information can be found on the OCHS Band Website at https://ochs.band.


There are two groups for OCHS Band Boosters:  Officers and Committee Coordinators.  Current holders of these positions are in the attached spreadsheet along with their email addresses.

Officers are elected yearly.   Below list the responsibility of each officer position from the bylaws

The President shall:

  1. Coordinate all the activities of the organization.
  2. Within one (1) month after being elected to office, appoint all committees and committee chairpersons with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.
  3. Within one (1) month after taking office, and with the other officers and Director, review the budget of the organization for the coming year.
  4. Be an ex officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee.
  5. Chairs all meetings of the Executive Board and the meetings of general membership.
  6. Be the single point of contact for the Band Director to the Band Boosters or assign a designee.  The President (or designee) is responsible to communicate and organize all necessary involvement of the boosters to help with the band program and activities.

The President-elect shall:

  1. Chair all meetings in the absence of the President
  2. Assist the President in coordinating the activities of the organization.
  3. Assume the office of President in the event of retirement or removal of the President for any reason.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Keep the minutes of meeting in a record book and report the minutes of each meeting when called on in the Order of Business. Provide the President and all board members a copy of the minutes of each meeting within ten (10) days after each meeting.
  2. Records attendance at each meeting i.e., including the names of each board member/officer and the number of members in attendance.
  3. Chairs all meetings in the absence of the President and President-elect.
  4. Maintain and store current copy of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect and keep all fundraising monies of the organization per Redbook rules in banks designated by the Executive Board and maintain a book of accounts which shall be audited annually by a qualified individual at the end of each band year.
  2. Perform all other duties customary to the office per Redbook rules.
  3. Be an ex officio member of any Fundraising Committee.
  4. Continue any accounting procedures established by the Board of Directors and may not amend these procedures without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  5. The audit of the Treasurer’s books shall be performed by a qualified disinterested third party (such as an independent CPA) or 3 band parents that are not part of the Executive Board.  This audit should take place within sixty (60) days of the end of the band year, which ends June 30 of each year.
  6. Prepare all financial documents and assist the auditor with any reasonable requests.

The Treasurer-elect/Treasurer ex officio shall:

  1. Assist the treasurer in all their duties, except check signing and bank deposits.
  2. Serve as treasurer for a 2-year term following their term as Treasurer-elect.

Member At-large shall:

  1. Participate in the Executive Board meetings, as the voting member to represent the memberships’ interest.
  2. Be the only position that is eligible to be held more than two (2) consecutive years.
  3. Attend monthly board meetings
  4. Acts as the individual who reconciles the treasurer bank statements on a monthly basis

Committee Coordinator Positions:  These positions are not elected.  Multiple parents can share the coordinator position if desired.  

Below is a list of the committees that we currently know need to be filled for next year.  The best way to find out more details on the committee’s role and responsibility is to contact the current coordinator.  Current holders of these positions are in the attached spreadsheet along with their email addresses.

  • Sponsorships
  • Mum/Spring Flower Sales Coordinator
  • Directory
  • Hospitality–Need 1 parent to work with last year’s coordinator
  • Instrument Rental
  • Band Website Support
  • Pictures/End of Year Powerpoint
  • T-Shirts
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alumni Coordinator
  • All District–Need 1 parent work with parent who shadowed this year
  • Drum Major Stand/Stage Setup & Breakdown
  • Large Instrument Truck Coordinator