Weekly Band News: April 19 – April 25

  • Band Camp will be July 27-31.  Band Camp is mandatory for all band students.
  • We are in the early stages of planning a Spring Band Trip for 2021.  More information to come on location, dates, potential cost and OCBE approval.

Marching Band 2020
Link to parts for Marching Band 2020; open the folder for each tune, open the PDF, scroll to the page for the part you want, print the page for your practicing/use.

View Music Sheet Files

Link to recordings of tunes Marching Band 2020; open the folder, click to open the recording. Some "familiar" stands tunes don’t have a recording, but you won’t really need them. Some are in different (.mov) format, some .aif, most mp3.

View Audio Files

Band Booster Leadership Positions

We need to start positioning the band for the Booster parental support they will need next year. A large portion of our Band Booster Executive Board are Senior parents. We need volunteers for next year to provide the structure and support the band needs to be able to participate in the opportunities Mr. Roger’s provides for the kids.

If you want to know what’s involved, click on the name of the position and a document should download onto your device with a description, a rough estimate of time involved, and contact info for the person who is currently doing that job this year.

Board Member Vacancies for 2020-2021
President – vacant
Vice-President (also called President-Elect) – vacant
Secretary – vacant
Treasurer – vacant
Senior Member-at-Large: Sonja Neely
Junior Member-at-Large: Katie Fuller
Sophomore Member-at-Large: Stephanie Skeens
Freshman Member-at-Large – vacant

Other vacancies for next year are listed below:

1) Hospitality co-chair (Kim Zarotny is the other co-chair)
Questions? Contact Cathy Middleton @ [email protected] or Kim Zarotny @ [email protected]

2) Uniforms
Questions? Contact Melanie Woosley @ [email protected]

3) Show shirt t-shirts
Questions? Contact Susan Bunting @ [email protected]

4) Pit Crew Coordinator
Questions? Contact Henry Sipes @ [email protected]

5) Shoparoo Fundraising
Questions? Contact Melanie Woosley @ [email protected]

6) Large instrument truck rental for events and truck driver coordinator 
Questions? Contact Lana Downs @ [email protected]

7) Alumni coordinator
Questions? Contact Susan Bunting @ [email protected]
The band needs you and your kid needs you to be involved. Thanks for all you’ve done to support the band this year and let’s get set up for a great year next year.

Important Dates to Remember

May 4                                    School is back in session
May 15                                  Jazz Café
May 21                                  Spring Concert
May 22                                  Band Banquet at LaGrange Baptist Church

Questions or corrections to this newsletter can be sent to Sonya Cook at [email protected].