Mid-Week Band News: September 4 – September 7

  1. In addition to needing help during the game to assist in moving drum major stands, moving water for the kids, photography, etc., we are also in need of parents to sit as "watchers" in the band section during halftime and 3rd quarter and not allow anyone but band members into that section.  If a few parents are willing to keep watch over the section while our kids are on the field during halftime and enjoying a break third quarter, it would be greatly appreciated. The link to help in this way ishttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-volunteers1.
  2. Graeter’s Ice Cream Sales is always a great fundraiser during our home football games.  This is a great opportunity for younger siblings to help support the band and middle school kids can use this volunteer opportunity for BETA hours, we just ask that an adult be with them to handle the money.  Please click the following link to sign uphttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-graeters.
  3. We will be hosting the 8th Grade band students from EOMS and OCMS and serving Chick-fil-a at our tailgate meal after school. Please see the sign up for what is needed to make this meal a success for our students at the following link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0448aaa628a3fb6-tailgate3.

Thank you all in advance for helping make this season’s football games a great success!  GO COLONELS!
The Official Schedule
Home Football—Game 3

After school:  8th graders: store your instrument and case in the CHOIR ROOM
                        HS: we will store backpacks in the library (front reading section/tables)
4:30                 Tailgate meal in cafeteria (OCHS and 8th grade visitors)
                        All meet on band blacktop for rehearsal
5:15                 Run through show on blacktop—start on opening set, facing AWAY from building
6:00                 Inside; DRESS IN UNIFORM—leave “no trace” in areas used for dressing
                        8th graders—remain outside with Mr. R for instructions, then get your horn
                        (Woodwinds: bring your instrument in the case!)
6:30                 ALL Meet in front of the entrance to the school, two arcs (flip-folders!)
                        Rehearse SSB
6:45                 Two lines; into 4 lines
6:50                 March to stadium
7:00                 In our seats—it will be CROWDED!  Make it happen…
                        8th graders sit within your section
                        Play several tunes while teams warm up
7:23                 Team captains out
                        NATIONAL ANTHEM
7:28                 Team entrance/FIGHT SONG
7:30                 Kickoff
8:30 est.          Halftime; 8th graders remain in band seating area; when the show is
                        finished, move toward the concession stand while the band leaves the
                        You will have 3rd quarter to go to concessions ($$); back at 0:00
10:15 est.        Game ends; play 2-3 tunes while crowd clears
                        Make 4 lines on track (could be on the field as last week, depending
                        upon the “traffic”
                        March back to the band room
10:30               ANNOUNCMENTS.  Take care of instruments; HANG UP UNIFORM. 
Uniform for this show: FULL UNIFORM.  You’ll need black CREW LENGTH socks, your marching band shoes (Dinkles), show shirt.  Ladies: hair must go under the hat!
Tunes in order:  You Can Call Me Al; Frankenstein; Lust For Life; Simon Closer

It’s time to replenish bottled water for Thursday marching band rehearsals and Friday night football games.  Each family please bring in at least a 24 pack of small (8-10oz.) bottled water as soon as possible, preferably, tomorrow or Friday.  Thanks so much!

Formal wear orders will be placed this week for those who are new to the band. Please send in $17 (boys) for tuxedo shirts, or $65 (girls) for concert gowns no later than Fri Sept 13th. Checks need to be payable to OCHS band boosters. 
I place an order for each new student to the band automatically, based on measurements I already took. 
*if your child will wear concert wear given to them by a former band student (if they DO NOT need a new garment ordered) please let me know ASAP by emailing me at [email protected] (if I do not hear from you, I will assume your child will need a garment and they will be added to the order and we will expect payment)
For students who are not new to the band this year, I do not order your child concert wear unless you contact me to say that they need a new size. Please have your child find and try on their tux shirt or gown ASAP- and let me know asap if you need to be added to the order by emailing me at m[email protected]
Boys are provided a tux to use during the year and will need to wear their dinkle band shoes and black socks to concerts.   
Girls will need to wear black flats to concerts along with their gown. *you are responsible for getting the gown hemmed. You can hem it yourself if you have that talent, or, many band students have had them hemmed at US Tailor, 9428 Brownsboro Road, Louisville KY 40241, 502-425-4450.  Any questions please feel free to contact me by texting 502-523-7666 or Email at [email protected].

SnapRaise “homework went out on August 29th.  The homework consists of compiling a list of 20 (or more) email addresses of potential supporters of the band program (relatives, family friends, etc).  These email addresses will be entered into individual student “accounts” they will set up tomorrow, September 5th during their band classes using their personal devices (tablets or phones).  It is very helpful to compile a list as a saved “note” on their device, then copy/paste into the account on kickoff day.  The project is most effective if EVERYONE in the program does the “homework”, as our percentage increases with the level of participation. To access a copy of the SNAP 20 Handout, click on https://gallery.mailchimp.com/778c454a91b2c1b8609991c3a/files/46d89de0-ceff-463c-8dbe-a420a4a1d279/Snap_20_Doc_copy.pdf or go to the announcements section of the band website at https://ochs.band.  SnapRaise is the most time-efficient and lucrative project we have, netting us over $14,000 last year.