Concert Band

Emphasis on the OCHS band program, this performance ensemble is made up of students placed by audition each year in Concert Band class, with the addition of musicians enrolled in Percussion Techniques class. Many of these students are in the developmental stage of proficiency and, in a sense, are “training” for Symphonic at some point in the future. The ensemble performs the same concert schedule as Symphonic Band and combines with that group for select performances and for all athletic band activities (marching and pep bands).


  • Preparation and performance of marching band music/drill
  • Preparation and performance of symphonic band literature
  • Attendance at all after-school rehearsals (marching and concert)
  • Use of individual evaluation/interactive accompaniment software (SmartMusic)
  • Preparation and performance of a variety of ensemble literature
  • Development and evaluation of individual technique and skills on your instrument
  • Performance at KMEA Solo and Ensemble festival (required of all members)
  • Performance of music for individual evaluation (live and on SmartMusic)
  • Performance of audition music (November) for concert band seating
  • Other performances scheduled throughout the year