Welcome Letter for OCHS Band 2020-2021

Oldham County High School Band 
Brad Rogers, Director

To: OCHS Band 2020-2021

I am very excited about the upcoming school year and the opportunity to work with all of you! Each of you have done a fine job of preparing yourselves for high school band activities; I will do all I can to provide a band experience is both memorable and worthwhile.

Private lessons are available throughout the summer. If you are already studying privately, keep it up; if not, summer is a great time to get started! Interested students should contact me prior to the end of school.

Summer band rehearsals begin on Monday, July 6th. The band meets every Monday and Thursday evening until school opens on August 12th. All summer rehearsals are held at the OCHS band room from 6:00-8:30 pm.

If you are not able to attend one or more of the summer rehearsals, please take the time to notify me prior to your absence. It is perfectly ok to go on vacation, attend camp, etc. from the last day of school-July 26th. If you are in town, however, you are expected to attend rehearsals!

Summer Performance: Oldham County Day Parade—Saturday, July 18th (A.M.)

BAND CAMP (required of all members): JULY 27th-31st. 8:30 am-8:45 pm daily. Individual camp fee is $80.00, payable at school registration. Camp will be held at Oldham County High School.

Financial obligations (camp, transportation, uniform rental and participation) and forms you will need to complete for participation in band for the 2020-2021 school year (drug testing, medical release/trip permission) are enclosed with this information packet. Please get these forms completed and returned as soon as possible; all forms are due in before July 10th . Electronic submission of type-in forms is ok! The email where these need to be sent will be provided in the next few days, so check back here then if you get the forms completed.

All new members will purchase band shoes (black) during camp (approx. $30.00). Ladies are expected to purchase a black concert dress (approximately $60.00); gentlemen are expected to purchase a tuxedo shirt as part of their concert uniform (approximately $18.00). Orders for these items will be taken during the summer through the first week of school. Optional school letter jackets are ordered early in the fall semester.

For the band to meet its goals for this year, it is imperative that each and every one of you contribute to all fundraising efforts of the program. Your participation in fundraising activities ensures that each project is successful, is necessary to provide adequate funding for the activities and obligations of the program, and helps keep your individual participation fees as low as possible.

I look forward to yet another GREAT year, and am very happy you’ll be with us.

Brad Rogers email: bradford.rogers@oldham.kyschools.us

Download info/forms from: www.rogersbrad.eboard.com OR www.ochs.band 

1150 North Highway 393
La Grange, Kentucky 40031