All information regarding the daily schedule for summer band rehearsals and band camp are subject to change

Below is the information regarding summer band rehearsals from Mr. Rogers. The biggest changes are that we will not have access to space we need at the school until July 13th for rehearsal and students will only have one night each week for rehearsals until camp week (alternating WW/Percussion and Brass Nights).
Additionally, if your student has not signed up for Google Classroom and Remind, PLEASE have them so so immediately.
The Google Classroom Code is; q2wft5f.  This is for students only.
Remind: Marching Colonels 2020 (students only) text @ocmc2020 to 81010
Remind: OCHS Band Boosters (parents only) text @ochsbb20 to 81010
Summer Band COVID-compliant Rehearsal Schedule
OCHS Band—July/August 2020

Due to ongoing construction and building prep issues in areas of the building we need to utilize, we will not be able to begin rehearsals until JULY 13th .

I will hold ONE instrument check out day on FRIDAY, JULY 10th from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. It is VERY IMPORTANT that anyone needing a school owned marching instrument make arrangements to come to the band room that day and get your instrument.
Limitations on group size (less than 50) and other restrictions in place until we receive more guidance force us to restructure our summer rehearsals as detailed in the following schedule. You will note that BRASS ONLY will meet on MONDAY nights, and WOODWINDS and PERCUSSION will meet on THURSDAYS. You will be split into smaller, section-based groupings that MUST REMAIN THE SAME EACH NIGHT YOU ATTEND. This means you’ll have to stay with your section and adhere to the expectations for social distancing (6 feet apart) and masks (if you move, you mask). This will facilitate meeting the expectations and keep us from losing a large group of band members from rehearsal for two weeks if someone contracts the virus and attends rehearsal.
As in past years, if you are out of town or unable to attend any of these rehearsals, send me an EMAIL explaining the date you’ll miss, and when you’ll be back. ALL ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND BAND CAMP (JULY 27-31). If you or your parents are uncomfortable attending these rehearsals due to COVID/extenuating medical condition, please contact me directly.
 I’m still formulating a plan for band camp week; restrictions may be relaxed or tightened between now and July 27th. You can count on it being very different, with a morning session and an evening session (no rehearsals from noon-6:00 p.m.; you’ll need to go home after the morning session and return at by 6:00). How that goes for us will largely depend upon how you handle the opportunity to have our summer rehearsals under this restricted format. BOTTOM LINE: LET’S NOT MESS THIS UP.
Summer rehearsals (6:00-8:45 p.m. at OCHS)

These are the things we have to do FLAWLESSLY:

NO PARENTS/SPECTATORS allowed to stay while students are in rehearsal. Drop off is at the front of the school.


ALL STUDENTS WILL COMPLETE the Health Check Google Form and self-check your temperature PRIOR TO LEAVING HOME for rehearsal. Anyone answering “YES” to any of the questions should STAY HOME and advise Mr. R immediately using the Remind App.
ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A FACE COVERING OR MASK, PROPERLY WORN, AT ALL TIMES ON CAMPUS. Students will be allowed to remove a mask when actively rehearsing/performing as long as proper social distancing is maintained (6 feet or more between performers). Basically, WHEN YOU MOVE, YOU MASK.
EACH STUDENT WILL PROVIDE THEIR OWN WIRE MUSIC STAND FOR USE IN ALL REHEARSALS. YOUR NAME SHOULD BE ON YOUR STAND. You are not allowed to share music stands with others. Stands will not remain in the band room, but will be taken home with you after each rehearsal. We will NOT be using our regular stands until all restrictions are lifted, even after school opens. YOU CAN OBTAIN A STAND/CARRY BAG from the band program at the first rehearsal ($8.00), or use a stand you already own.
EACH STUDENT WILL PROVIDE THEIR OWN WATER BOTTLE CLEARLY IDENTIFIED WITH YOUR NAME. Water fountains in the building are off-limits, and won’t be available for refills. We will have bottled water on hand in very limited supply.
WE WILL REHEARSE IN SOCIALLY-DISTANCED GROUPS. These groups MUST be the same at each rehearsal; no mixing of individuals from group to group to maintain the ability to contact trace if anyone contracts the COVID-19 virus.
WHEN USING THE DESIGNATED RESTROOMS, no more than TWO STUDENTS at a time in the restroom. You will be expected to use disinfectant spray or wipes on any surfaces you touch (handles, doors, etc.), WASH YOUR HANDS and use hand sanitizer after each restroom use. Students carrying cased instruments from one rehearsal area to another on their “break” will leave the case outside the restroom, and retrieve it once you have finished before moving on the next segment of rehearsals.
ALL TRUMPETS, MELLOPHONES, TROMBONES AND WOODWINDS must take your instrument home with you after each rehearsal. Once you arrive for rehearsals, your case must stay with you. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STORE YOUR INSTRUMENT IN THE BAND ROOM BETWEEN REHEARSALS—DON’T ASK.
SOUSAPHONES, BARITONES, AND PERCUSSION will be admitted to the band room ONE AT A TIME to store your equipment before transitioning to the next rehearsal segment or at the end of the evening.

ALL REHEARSALS PRIOR TO BAND CAMP WEEK WILL BE HELD OUTDOORS (playing and marching), with proper social distancing expected during the rehearsals, breaks, and transitions. If weather becomes an issue or is an imminent threat, rehearsal will be canceled if prior notice is possible (Remind notice by 5:00 p.m.). If we are already “in rehearsal”, students will be moved to a safe area to wait for parental pickup in front of the school.
Summer Rehearsal Plan – OCHS BAND 2020
Brass Days will be July 13, 20, and August 3


Time Activity Section/Group Location
5:30 Check In All Outside band room entrance; Tubas/Baritones/Percusion get equipment
6:00 Marching Trumpets/Horns Band Drill Lot (Separate sections, yardlines and “dots”) have your horn with you in case
  Playing Tbn/Bar/Tuba Teacher Lot outside band room (orange dots); tbones/baritones have case with you
7:00 Break Tbn/Bar/Tuba Store Equipment, then restrooms (front lobby), transition to back lot (tbones take horn with you)
  Break Trpts/Horns Restrooms (band/choir lobby); then transition to front lot (keep horn/case with you)
7:30 Marching Tbn/Bar/Tuba Band Drill Lot (separate sections, yardlines and “dots”)
  Playing Trpts Horns Teacher Lot outside band room (Orange Dots)
8:30 Announcements ALL Rehearsal Locations; marching rehearsal exits through school front lobby
8:45 Clean up/ Close Directors/ Staff Check all rehearsal areas; disinfection; check restrooms
Woodwind Days will be July 16, 23, and August 6
Time Activity Section/Group Location
5:30 Check In All Outside band room entrance; move to first rehearsal (horns in cases for all)
6:00 Marching Clarinets Band Drill Lot (Separate sections, yardlines and “dots”) have your horn with you in case
  Playing Flutes/Saxes/Perc. Teacher Lot outside band room (orange dots)
7:00 Break Flutes/Saxes/Perc. Store Equipment, then restrooms (front lobby), keep horn with you; transition
  Break Clarinets Case Equipment; Restrooms (band/choir lobby); take horn with you; transition
7:30 Marching Flutes/Saxes/(Perc.) Band Drill Lot (separate sections, yardlines and “dots”) have horn in case with you
  Playing Clarinets/(Perc.) Teacher Lot outside band room (Orange Dots)
8:30 Announcements ALL Rehearsal Locations; marching rehearsal exits through school front lobby
8:45 Clean up/ Close Directors/ Staff Check all rehearsal areas; disinfection; check restrooms
Rehearsal on August 10 will hopefully be the full band.  Details are still to be determined.  Band Camp Guidelines will be published at a later time.
If you have questions or concerns on any of the rehearsal guidelines, please email Mr. Rogers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..