SNAP! RAISE Homework 2020

Hi Band Students and Band Families!

Below is the preliminary homework for launching the Snap! Raise virtual fundraising effort. To launch this program on time (Sept. 3rd), parents and students should view the video, then open the Snap! Raise join/login link to set up 20 (minimum) valid emails of potential donors to our program.

Tristen Hines is the project coordinator with Snap! Raise, and he started our inaugural effort three years ago; it’s great to have him back with us for this year’s project.

It is SUPER IMPORTANT that everyone in our program participate in this project; you will find it is the easiest and most lucrative way to raise funds–and without selling things that people might buy, but really don’t want. Snap! Raise allows us to “sell” the great history and reputation of the OCHS band program as the product by encouraging donors to help continue that into the future.

Everyone in our program benefits from the success of our fundraising efforts, and it is even more critical under the current circumstances that we take full advantage of these opportunities.

Thanks for your attention to this and your support of the OCHS Band program.

Bradford D. Rogers
Oldham County High School Band
1150 N. Hwy. 393
LaGrange, KY 40031

Snap! Raise Homework from Tristen Hines

Hi, Team! It is very important that you get this done. 

Click here to sign up on Snap! Raise (for those of you that are new to it) or log in (if you’ve used it before).

You will be directed to add your emails. The expectation is that every member of the band has 20 quality emails uploaded to your profile. I will be able to track this!

Make sure your emails do NOT include students, teachers, fake emails, etc. and are only legitimate potential donors. Again, I will be tracking this.

There will be incentives for those that participate fully in this campaign, so please get this done!

Click here and watch a video for steps on how to login, create an account, and pre-load your emails.

Thanks for all your hard work!

(c) 270-872-3638