Would you like to improve your playing skills more quickly?

How about a higher chair in your section? Maybe move up from Symphonic II to Symphonic I? Make all state band? Get ready for college auditions and playing at the next level?

Increase your confidence as a performer and musical “leader”?

Individual lessons are strongly encouraged for all band students. They provide an avenue through which the student receives specific feedback, correctives, and reinforcement of proper playing techniques from a professional performer on their instrument in a one-to-one setting, once a week.

Check out the listing of instructors; each of them is a fine performer and teacher in their own right. Most are also currently employed as section coaches with our program–so you know them already!

If you are studying privately already–keep it up! If not, consider giving one of these folks a call.

Each of these instructors currently works with students at OCHS as section coaches or private instructors; many have been with us for years. All have completed background checks. Contact them directly if you are interested in individual lessons.