OCHS v. Bryan Station Football Game Plan

Home Football (HC)  OCHS v. Bryan Station      
Friday, October 16
th, 2020       

We will be in uniform again tonight: A-Day students please see the “options” below! 

The Boosters will order a meal from OCHS concessions that will be delivered after halftime (as we did at the SOHS game).  You will have to pay for the meal option (and/or Graeter’s ice cream) you choose.  PLEASE be sure to complete the Google Form by the end of the day Tuesday, October 13th, and turn in your money by the end of the A-day after school rehearsal on Wednesday.  Band members won’t be able to visit the concession area after halftime, so plan to eat the meal ordered through our booster group after performing, or eat on your own prior to your arrival by 5:30 p.m. 

If you are a “B-Day” student coming from home, you should complete the health check questionnaire and arrive at the school ALREADY DRESSED in your uniform no later than 5:30 p.m.   A temp check is required upon your arrival! 

If you are an “A-Day” student, you have a choice: GO HOME after school and arrive dressed in time for rehearsal, OR bring your uniform/bag, shoes, socks and show shirt to school with you on Friday and dress at school prior to rehearsal.  There won’t be time after rehearsal ends!


3:45 School dismissal

5:30 Arrive at school dressed in uniform; check in procedure (attendance, temp checks)

5:50 Rehearse show tunes and National Anthem

6:30 Put horns in cases; quick restroom break

6:45 Form block to move to stadium through fieldhouse gates

6:55 Move to our seats; assemble instruments.  If we have time, we’ll play 1-2 tunes

7:24 Play National Anthem/Fight Song

7:30 Kickoff

8:40est HALFTIME—set up on field per “the plan”, play show tunes and fight song.  HOMECOMING

court announcement/introductions TBD

You will be allowed to visit restroom facilities in the visitors locker room (men) or the restrooms near the concession area (women) by sections throughout the third and fourth quarter.  IF YOU MOVE, YOU MASK!!

After halftime: return to seats, restrooms, meals delivered from concessions.  We will have water available, but a concession stand visit will not be possible.  Remember to comply with social distancing, masks, etc.  Let’s try to get it all done before end of 3rd quarter so we can play! 

10:00 est Game ends; we will play one or two tunes to allow crowd to clear

10:20 Mask up, form our block (remember to properly distance and wear your mask).

return to the band room; store instruments as needed.

NO CHANGING OUT OF YOUR MARCHING UNIFORMS AFTER THE GAME.  ALL STUDENTS will wear their uniform HOME and store the uniform properly.  You will receive INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROPER

UNIFORM CARE/cleaning.  The cleaned uniform must be returned in the uniform bag prior to our final home game on October 30th.

Dress: Full uniform + mask; show shirt under bibbers.

Expect a game temperature in the 50’s!!!

Halftime: Born To Be Wild, Dirty Laundry, Peter Gunn, Sucker (flags), Fight Song