Guidelines for Challenging Band Auditions / Placement

Guidelines for Challenges:

  1. All challenges must be issued on MONDAY during the school day (8:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m). Challenge forms must be signed and turned in by the end of class on Monday to be valid for that week.
  2. Challenges MUST BE ACCEPTED when issued. All challenges will be performed; there will be no “forfeit” of a challenge.
  3. You can only be involved in one challenge per week; no “double-jeopardy”
  4. All challenges will consist of: a musical excerpt not to exceed 32 measures in length (selected by the challenger) and one major scale (selected by the director). Challenges between Symphonic Band II and Symphonic Band I (first chair challenges last chair) are allowed.
  5. Suggested challenge materials: excerpts from your concert folder; excerpt of an etude from method books/lesson assignments; excerpt of solo literature you are studying. A clean copy of the excerpt MUST be presented with the challenge (unless the music is the same band part from the concert folder). You must seek the approval of the director for any excerpt not in your folder PRIOR TO ISSUING THE CHALLENGE.
  6. Challenges will be performed LIVE, IN CLASS on THURSDAY of the same week the challenge is issued. The winner will demonstrate a clear and obvious advantage on the challenge excerpt and scale performed; performances which are essentially equal in their proficiency with result in no change in seating assignment.
  7. No challenges will be allowed TWO WEEKS prior to concerts or festival performances.

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