Last year, many outstanding businesses and corporations supported the Oldham County High School Band by donating goods and services for our marching and concert 2019-2020 seasons. The entire band and our many football game and concert attendees had the benefit of their generous support as they enjoyed each of our band's musical performances. We were--and are--very grateful for their support!  

These business were:

  • Bully's BBQ
  • The Fine Print Shop
  • It's A Dyer Sign
  • Plainview Cleaners
  • United Healthcare
  • Allstate Foundation
The band is very excited about performing this football season--especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is looking forward to some band fun that seems "normal."

Additionally, the band members have already received their band music for the concert season, which always offers a wide array of outstanding music from upbeat marches to jazzy swings to popular dramatic movie themes.

Each year, the OCHS Band performs in front of many large (for La Grange) audiences, and we do all we can to recognize our donors--especially our corporate sponsors!

Our band only works each year because of the generous donations of money, goods and services from our corporate sponsors. 

In exchange, our corporate sponsors enjoy great benefits throughout the year, including:  
1. Name will appear on our Corporate Sponsorship Banner, which is carried across the OCHS football field at the 50-yard line when the band takes the field for the Halftime Show during each OCHS home football game. 
2. Name of sponsor will be announced as a supporter of the band when the announcer introduces the band for the Halftime Show.
3. Name will appear on our Corporate Sponsorship Banner, which is carried before the band during the Oldham County Day Parade for Summer 2021.
4. Name and logo will appear in every concert program for every performance of the OCHS Concert Band.
5. Name of sponsor will be announced as a supporter of the band during each concert performance at Oldham County High School. 
6.  Free advertising all year long on the website, where a link to your website and/or social media pages will be included. Visit our home page and scroll down to view our sponsors. 

Corporate Sponsorships are $500 annually and the fee may be waived in exchange for services and goods that help to make the band successful each year. Examples of these goods and services include donated catering services, printing services, uniform cleaning services, web hosting services, and sign and banner production services.

If you are interested in sponsoring the band for the 2020-2021 school year, please contact us. Or if you'd rather speak in person, I'm happy to stop by and talk through how your business can support our band this year.

Thank you again to last year's corporate sponsors for their generous support, and I hope you'll decide to sponsor the OCHS band--or recommend a business to sponsor us--this year!
Katie Fuller
OCHS Band Boosters
Corporate Sponsorship, Chairperson