Director’s Comments – October 16, 2017

Director’s Comments
October 16th, 2017

Thanks for a great (but too short…) marching season! It would have been nice to have had one more opportunity for this year’s marching band to perform their show, but it “is what it is”. October 6th began a series of “lasts” for this senior class—and I was very pleased with how the entire band responded in their final marching performance of the year.

There are still opportunities available for any trumpet or saxophone players who are interested in a permanent switch to French horn, oboe, bassoon, or tuba. If a student is interested, we can provide the instrument and the instruction to help them get off to the right start and keep the progress going. Obviously, the horn players need to get going right away, so they can work with their new section during camp; any new oboe or bassoon candidates should discuss with me asap.

We are now fully in “concert mode” in our rehearsals, both during class and in our after school time together. Symphonic Band I (7th period) meets after school on Tuesdays; Symphonic Band II (6th period) on Wednesdays through the first week of May 2018. EXCEPTIONS and adjustments to this format will occur when the regular rehearsal day is impacted by the school calendar or performance dates, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on the calendar, booster emails, and Remind 101 messaging.

Concert performances are upon us already, with the Halloween Concert this Wednesday at EOMS, and our Fall Concert coming a couple of weeks after we return from Fall break (November 9th).

All rehearsals and performances of the band are required, graded activities. If your child for some reason must leave school early (illness, etc.), EVEN IF IT IS NOT a scheduled after school rehearsal day, please try to have them stop by and let me know they will not be here for class before you leave with them—believe it or not, having the wrong person out can really affect the plan for that day’s rehearsal!

Fundraising and goals: Early indications are that we exceeded our donation total over last year’s SnapRaise fundraiser. Thanks go to all band families for their support of this project. We need to discuss marching uniform replacement and equipment replacement priorities…now.

Band room renovation: Revised drawings and a new proposal from Wenger Corporation should be here by the end of this week. The revised proposal will include a redo of the acoustics in the room as well as new storage lockers and shelving for equipment. OCBE is looking into the possibility of treating the roof decking with a foam layer to help reduce the sound made by the metal roof and outside sound sources (CSX…road traffic…passing clouds…rain, etc.)

Of course, delays caused by all of this “re-planning” will no doubt impact the start of work on the project. Either way, your help will be needed in prepping the room for the actual installation whenever it happens. There won’t be a lot of time to set things up when the decision is made to “go” with it; could be a weekend or an “all-nighter” leading up to a break…stay tuned.

Audition excerpts (All State) for all wind and percussion instruments have been made available to all students. This year, scales will be performed at both the All District and All State auditions (a new requirement). The format and range for performing them is included with each audition excerpt package. We use the All State excerpts for our own seating auditions, All District Band auditions, and All State Band. Our audition process begins November 13th. All District/All State “first cut” is on November 16th.
All District Auditions (we host here at OCHS) Thursday, November 16th. Please sign up to help with this important event!

Registration for Google Classroom is something all should do as well. Students should be receiving some instruction in how to accomplish this in LEAD/advisory.

Following are the class codes for band classes in Google Classroom—not parents; students only please:

  • AP Theory: ondhp7i
  • Percussion: ykvu5fd
  • Jazz: 586cdnx
  • LEAD (Rogers; only two band kids): 9eni8y
  • Sym II: 7611tf
  • Sym I: zxvd5ja

Remind101: if you’re not getting these, you haven’t joined! (text the code to 81010 to join)

  • AP Theory: @ocapt17
  • Jazz: @ocjazz17
  • Boosters: @ocbandb
  • Percussion Tech: @ocperc17
  • Symphonic Band II: @ocsym217
  • Symphonic Band I: @ocsym117

It’s only important to join the classes you are enrolled in; I generally send all messages to the “booster” group as well.

LEAD: Some changes to LEAD will occur after we return from our Fall break. My effort has been to offer opportunities for students in the band room that 1) are valuable and 2) don’t require me to have a “whole group” here. Sectionals, etc. are just not really a viable possibility—it is nearly impossible to get the entire section here on any given day without locking them out of everything else (and I’ve been asked not to do that…). For now, Tuesday and Wednesdays are woodwind and brass seminars (audition excerpts), and Thursdays are set up for Individual instruction and practice time now that marching band is over. After Fall Break, advisory will move to MONDAYS, but won’t happen every week. I’ve already posted Friday offerings in Basic Music Theory and Chamber Ensemble coaching for when we return to replace Friday advisory.

All State Audition help sessions: WKU, November 6th. Schedule will be posted after Fall Break.

Upcoming Performances:

  • October 18th Halloween Concert at EOMS
  • November 9th Fall Concert (7:00 pm/auditorium. $5.00)
  • November 10th Jazz Café I (7:00 pm/location TBA. $5.00)
  • November 13th Veterans Day Parade (during the day; OCMS to OCHS)
  • December 12th Holiday Concert (7:00 pm/auditorium. $5.00)

Thanks for all you do in support of our band program!!