Director’s Comments June 18, 2020

Director’s Comments
June 18th, 2020
Still have a few holdouts on submitting information for the band directory; hopefully we can finalize this in the coming days.  Guidance has not yet made available 2020-21 rosters in Infinite Campus, but that should be coming soon.  When I’m able, I’ll match them with the directory info for accuracy.

Drum Majors for 2020: Aaron Cook, Ashtyn Jones, and Andrew Witak.  Now, let’s hope we’re able to have a performing marching band!

Summer program activities are slowly coming into focus.  All three HS directors met with Brent Deaves Tuesday morning to discuss KHSAA and KMEA suggested guidelines.  We were instructed to come up with our own set of guidelines for OC school band programs, aligned with KHSAA/KMEA timeframes.  Mr. McAllister, Ms. Buchholz and myself met again this morning to complete our draft document which has been sent to Mr. Deaves and administration for review. 

At this time, it appears we will be allowed to have our summer rehearsals beginning on July 6 on Monday and Thursday nights, and that we’ll be allowed to have summer band camp from July 27-31 here at school.  You can count on those rehearsals looking and sounding a LOT different than we are used to, and the schedule may very well have to be altered in terms of both time frame and who can attend to comply with guidelines.  I hope to have a definitive plan for the two-a-week evening rehearsals and camp week by the July 4th weekend, but must wait to see if our OC-based plan is approved by admin.

I have had some preliminary discussions about spring travel, and hope to be able to share more with you about options by the end of July.  I do think we’ll be looking at a location that can provide a trip shorter in length to make it both affordable and achievable for families.  Obviously, we’ll be facing a reduced time frame for the payment schedule and any fundraising directed toward supporting a trip.  At this point, I’m hoping we’ll be allowed to travel at all.

New EOMS Director: David Centers.  He should be “in” on our meeting tonight; if you haven’t met him yet, I’ll give him a little time to introduce himself.

The awards ceremony went very well, with a couple of interesting “twists”.  I think everyone who was able to attend was grateful for the opportunity, and I was very glad that families could attend without cost.  Thanks to all of you who worked with the health dept. and administration to make this a reality!

I have begun work on rehearsal and performance alternatives for the reopening of school; some of these ideas I floated in my last Google Meet with students.  Any viable alternative that will be of benefit will include our talented paraprofessional section coaches, probably at a greater level of involvement than in previous years.  I feel that I need at least three possibilities with different structures, because we really don’t know anything about how we’ll go about reopening schools yet.

Thanks for all you do in support of this program!  Although we still are in the dark about the beginning of the school year, it’s important that we plan ahead as best we can, concern ourselves with continuing the financial viability of the organization, and focus on making the future bright for the program.  This won’t last forever, and the students need for the band program to be ready when we come out of this.