Concerning your assignments for the foreseeable future in band classes

Good afternoon:

We just finished a virtual faculty meeting; you should all know your teachers are "all in" on trying to recreate a school environment from thin air, and provide you with something meaningful that will hopefully set you up for success either as a graduate of OCHS if you’re a current senior, or as you begin the new year as a sophomore, junior, or rising senior.

We’ll maintain what we’ve done last week for the next few days.  The break week will be used to recalibrate things going forward.  Most of my colleagues (and myself) are pretty exhausted from trying to create an educational scenario that is completely foreign to the vast majority of us–over a weekend!

All FRIDAYS will be designated as mental health and wellness days until we’re back together.  NO assignments other than the EXIT TICKET will be required on Fridays (including 3/27).  Please tell me on your exit ticket how/what you did to keep yourself mentally and physically sharp!

I’m going to try to set up as much virtual face to face time (Zoom meetings) as actual content/completion of assignments for after our spring break week, and longer term projects as opposed to daily turn-ins.  I think this will be closer to what we’d experience in our rehearsal environment than what I’ve had you doing.  This could take the form of virtual sectionals, virtual discussions, playalong sessions, etc. Just need time to figure it out and make sure all can access it.

I will spend some time over the next few days to get my "act" together as it relates to our band awards banquet.  Plaques and certificates, music compilations, etc. WILL be completed; how those may be distributed at this point is to be determined.  But all deserve recognition of the outstanding work you have done this year, and that will happen.

Expect to see a survey concerning potential marching band selections for next fall; this is an opportunity to request that a great tune be brought back, or suggest new music.  I have to get things ordered and "in" for us to have for the end of the year.

I will put together excerpts for the placement audition for next fall’s concert band assignments, along with instructions.  It’s impossible at this point to know how you will end up submitting your audition–whether live or as a sound file–but we’ll figure that out as we know about our return to the classroom environment.

I have not received any guidance on summer rehearsals, band camp, etc. yet–and it’s too early to really tell what might come out concerning these important activities.  I’m pretty sure that something will be forthcoming as we get closer to the official end of the semester.

Hang in there, stay safe, be smart about your social distancing.  I hope this passes as quickly as possible!

Mr. R

Bradford D. Rogers
Oldham County High School Band
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LaGrange, KY 40031