Agenda Items:
  • Welcome 7:03, Lana Downs presiding, Brad Rogers hosting Zoom meeting, 17 people attended
  • February Meeting Minutes – Cathy Middleton, Reviewed, Motion to approve by Susan Bunting, 2ndby Sonya Cook, approved
  • Treasurer’s Report – motion to approve by Susan Bunting, 2nd by Cathy Middleton
  • Hospitality – will check in with Ladyfingers about catering for the Band Banquet scheduled for May 22nd.  Update, the $150 deposit is nonrefundable. We will need other options for recognition since Governor’s announcement on Monday, April 20th.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Kathleen Beville
    • Senior and Band Banquet slide show, video-   please have all pictures and senior videos submitted by April 17th.  If banquet does not occur could we possibly give all seniors a disc for free and is there a way to have a virtual viewing…
  • Fundraising
    • Graeter’s Ice cream Report – Lisa Adams
$461 sold just need to get the money deposited.   Sold more ice cream cups during Zoom meeting.
  • Passive Fundraisers (free money doing shopping you would be doing anyway)
    • Kroger Community Rewards, Oldham County High School Band or code QJ874
    • Amazon Smile, set your Amazon Smile Charity to Oldham County High School Band Boosters Inc
    • Shoparoo app, take pictures of your grocery receipts and upload for point/money for band
  • Band Booster Organization volunteers needed for next year
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Freshman Parent Member at Large
    • Uniform Coordinator
    • Show shirt t-shirt Coordinator (Also, need to start on this ASAP for next school year.  At the very least, we need a guess on number needed)
    • Pit Crew Coordinator (coordinate volunteers for percussion stands, seating and drum major stand set-up at football games, concert stage set-up, instrument truck rental for away events)
    • OC Day Coordinator
    • Shoparoo Coordinator
  •  Theiss furniture has decided not to donate one of their trucks to band boosters
  • Director’s Report – see attached
  • Next Band Boosters meeting will be on Thursday, April 23rd via ZOOM meeting
Motion to adjourn meeting by Susan Bunting, 2nd by Sonya Cook. Meeting adjourned at 8:36.

You might ask yourself – why should I come to a bandbooster meeting?

  1. To find out details about upcoming performances
  2. To learn how the band fees and fundraising monies are spent
  3. To learn about volunteer opportunities for you or your student
  4. To meet other band parents
  5. And lastly, but certainly not leastly (is that a word?) to hear details from Mr. Rogers about what’s going on in band

Joining Band Booster Facebook Page (optional)
The Band Booster Facebook page is Oldham County HS Band Boosters! (exclamation point is part of name.) If you are on Facebook, “like” the Band Booster page.
Please note – All pertinent information will be sent through a weekly email and not solely through Facebook, so don’t worry if you aren’t on Facebook.

To contact a member of our Band Boosters Association, please fill out our online contact form and a member of our organization will get back to you.