Adjustments/announcements for next week’s rehearsals/performance

Rehearsal schedule for week of September 14-18:

FULL BAND Monday AND Thursday 6:00-7:30.  Make sure to wear proper shoes; we will need to learn how to get onto the field for halftime on 9/18.  All of the time will be spent on the back (band) practice lot.

A detailed schedule for our first performance next Friday will be finalized by this weekend; it will be posted here and through booster email.

A form for pre-paid concession packages will come out this weekend as well.  Because restrictions require all concessions to be pre-packaged, "no-touch" delivery items, pre-ordering is the only option you’ll have if you want concession items after you perform on Friday night (3rd quarter),   This form MUST be turned in with payment at next MONDAY’s rehearsal!

Information about parent tickets will be forwarded as we receive the plan.  Stadium capacity is severely limited, so you’ll need to be timely in responding once we know how that will work.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info as we get through the next couple of days–from the boosters and from me.

At least we’re getting to PLAY TOGETHER…finally!


Wash your hands…

Mr. R