• OCHS Symphonic Band - All

    The 2020-2021 OCHS Symphonic Band - All
  • OCHS Symphonic Band - All

    The 2019-2020 OCHS Symphonic Band - All
  • OCHS Symphonic Band I

    2019-2020 OCHS Symphonic Band I
  • OCHS Symphonic Band II

    2019-2020 OCHS Symphonic Band II
  • OCHS Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

    2019-2020 OCHS Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

    Volunteers Needed for 2020-2021 School Year.
  • 2015 World Strides Festival of Gold

    Symphonic Band performs in Orchestra Hall (Chicago, IL)
  • 2019 Dixie Classic

    Symphonic Bands perform at Williamsburg Dixie Classic Festival
  • 2019 Spring Concert

    OCHS Symphonic Band I presented a Spring Concert.
  • 2019 U of L Comstock Concert

    Symphonic Band I performs at KMEA State Concert Assessment
  • OCHS Jazz Ensemble

    OCHS Band members participate in our Jazz Ensemble!
  • OCHS Marching Band

    We had a grand time at the Oldham County Days event!
  • OCHS Pep Band

    Our Pep Band performs at OCHS games
  • OCHS Pep Band

    Our Pep Band performs at OCHS games.
  • OCHS Band Williamsburg Trip

    OCHS Band Members enjoyed a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia!
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  • Marching Band

    Marching Band

    Every band student participates in the OCHS Marching Colonels Band throughout the football season.

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  • Concert Bands

    Concert Bands

    Practice for Concert Band will begin near the end of marching band season.

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  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band

    Jazz Café performances begin in November!

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  • Pep Band

    Pep Band

    Band students are typically divided into two groups during basketball season--Pep Band A and Pep Band B.

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  • Candi and Bruce Bero

    "Had a chance to attend last nights game between Oldham County and Eastern High School. The game was very good but what we took away was the outstanding band. We have heard many, many National Anthems over the years and last night was very well the best we have ever heard .My wife and I both had chills down our arms. The half time was equally impressive."

    "Please let the Director, Instructors and Band know how much we enjoyed. Keep up the great work."

    Bruce & Candace Bero, Shelbyville, KY

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